Game Talk: Cats over Team Nike

The talk in the locker room was about the improvement of the team, the end of the exhibition season and the depth of this Wildcat team. Here are some quotes after the Wildcats' win over Team Nike.

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"We were horrible defensively last week, but we were much better tonight. We made a big improvement from a week ago. Defensively, we have to put extreme pressure on the ball, and every (pass) has to be contested. We are not there yet, but we are getting better. We are going to have our hands full every week, so we have to continue to improve every week."

"We are still making some mistakes on our rotations and some screens, but we picked that up in the second half. We did a much better job of anticipating the plays tonight."

"Andre Iguodala was our player of the game. He was outstanding, and he did so many things well defensively. He led us on the boards, and he made an unbelievable improvement from a week ago."

"There's not one guy on our team where you can say, ‘We have to shut him down.' That's one of our big advantages, that anyone can score 25 points on any night."

"I've learned a lot since I've been here with Coach Olson. We were more efficient in the press tonight than we were against EA Sports. We did a lot better job tonight than we did last week."

"Last week we weren't as accurate. It seemed like last week we were still learning. This week, we did a little better with the press."

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