Arizona impressive in scrimmage was in attendance for Saturday's scrimmage and came away with numerous thoughts about the direction of the UA. Here are some of those thoughts: was in attendance for Saturday's scrimmage and came away with numerous thoughts about the direction of the UA. Here are some of those thoughts:

  • Matt Scott is the future and there is little doubt about that. Willie Tuitama will play the most this year by far but Scott was definitely the second quarterback on the squad. He adds an element that will make other teams fear Arizona's running ability and when you run the type of spread that Arizona does, that makes for wide open passing lanes because of the respect needed for the running game.

  • The receivers were disappointing and need to be more consistent. It was interesting that we did not see much of David Douglas because he has been strong in camp. However, the starters are obvious, as is the strength of Terrell Turner. Turner is ready to have a big season, but the other receivers not named Mike Thomas need to step it up.

  • Our guess is that Nicolas Grigsby woke up this morning and slapped himself in the head. Grigsby punched Devin Ross for no reason at all and embarrassed himself in front of the UA fans. There is likely not one person that came out of Saturday's scrimmage with a positive thought about Grigsby's future.

  • There were, however, two players that were likely secretly happy. Running back Nick Booth showed that he had the ability to be a power back and because of it, we definitely see him contributing this season. The Arizona defense had some difficulty tackling him but it had more to do with his skill than it did with their lack of ability to tackle.

    In addition, Keola Antolin was spectacular. He is one of the shiftiest backs Arizona has had in quite some time and at the very least, he adds more excitement to the offense. We think he is much more than that, however, because he was making the defense miss with ease, including embarrassing Ross. At the very least Antolin is going to be a big help with punt returns but again, we expect much more from him,

  • Arizona's linebackers have been the subject of some criticism but it may be faster than last year's unit. Vuna Tuihalamaka and company were impressive on Saturday and had little difficulty in making the initial tackle. The UA has seemingly always had difficulty making the initial tackle but that may not be the case next season.

  • Besides the incident with Grigsby, Stoops was much calmer on Saturday. He rarely raised his voice in an embarrassing manner and he may finally get it. Of course, there is a big difference between the scrimmage and the regular season, but Stoops definitely took a step forward as far as his attitude goes.

  • Nate Ness ended the night with getting his bell rung but he was impressive. Ness may not have gotten an interception but he was laying the wood all night and huge things are going to be expected from him this season.

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