Game Talk: UA 107, WKU 68

Arizona had there way with a good Western Kentucky team. After the 39-point win, the talk in the locker room was about the defense and the freshmen. Here is what many of the Wildcats had to say.

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"Jason Gardner is playing absolutely as well as a point guard can paly. He only had 12 points, but he is getting the ball down court quickly, and he is opening the lanes for the fast break."

"Will Bynum gave us a huge lift when we needed it early. I am really happy with the way Isaiah Fox is playing. He was aggressive in attacking the guy coming off the screen. He is so active now compared to the way he was a year ago. He almost seems like a completely different player."

"Rick Anderson and Luke Walton saw limited playing time beacause we wanted to get the freshman wings as much playing time as possible."

"Coach Olson stays on us so much about defense because that's what wins. We had to come out today and show we're the No. 1 team in the country. We give 100 percent out there and then Coach will give you a rest so you can get back out there and keep giving 100 percent."

"Even though we scored 107 points, defense is what will win us games."

"They (the freshmen) are physically built for this press. It seems like they're perfect for this system."

"Our half-court defense is what needs improvement. We slipped up a couple times, some lob passes got through into open areas. The second half was fun. I was sitting there, watching and cheering."

"My confidence in the offseason is the difference (in my shooting). Playing in my fifth year here gives me a lot of experience. I am a good shooter."

"Everybody thinks this is a perimeter man's school, but Josh Pastner has done a great job with us big guys. Coach Olson always says this is an inside-out game."

"People just come out and play hard. It's going to be really hard for teams to match up because we are so deep."

"Western Kentucky is a very good team. I feel like they'll do well and go deep in the tournament. They've got good coaching , good role players. I just think we were probably a little too deep for them."

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