Too many dropped balls

Arizona's practices and scrimmages have had a reoccurring theme this fall: the wide receivers are dropping the football way too much.

Last season, for the first time in ages, it seemed like the U of A wideouts were finally hanging on to the ball. This fall, it's definitely been an issue.

Is it the departure of highly respected wide receivers coach Darrell Wyatt?

Is it the confusion of now having two receivers coaches in Michael Smith and David Nichol, who may have different philosophies?

Is there a feeling of complacency across the unit?

It could be all or none of the above, but there's no doubt been a problem that can't continue. Arizona's wide receivers have got to catch the ball if the offense is going to be even marginally successful.

Mike Thomas hasn't been an issue and Rob Gronkowski catches everything that's thrown to him. However, it is everyone else who isn't stepping up to the plate.

Guys like Terrell Turner, usually completely reliable, just haven't been themselves this fall.

It could be a lack of concentration that will fix itself in games. But then there's the theory that you play how you practice, which would be a scary proposition at this point.

Arizona's wide receivers have absolutely no choice but to get it together. The team can afford a hiccup or two against Idaho, but after that there will be zero room for error and that means no more dropped passes.

Hopefully the Wildcats' dropped ball issue has come and gone.

We shall see starting Thursday.

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