Game Talk: Arizona 101, NAU 66

"NAU did a great job in the first half in terms of attacking the pressure, and they were well-prepared. We did not have good pressure on the basketball in the first half, but in the second half we did a much better job of pressuring the ball," Lute Olson said after Arizona's 101-66 win over Northern Arizona. Find out what else was said in the locker room after the game.

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Lute Olson:
"Will Bynum shot the ball really well and he really picked up his defense in the second half."

"(Chris Rodgers) is a great defender, and he does a good job of putting pressure on the ball. You can see the kind of potential that he has. He does as good a job as anybody we have on the ball."

"We really got after them in the second half, and we only turned the ball over three times. We also shot the ball better in the second half and we forced them into making defensive mistakes."

NAU Coach Mike Adras:
"We don't play a better team on our schedule than that. It was an absolute thrill to play Arizona. It was a thrill for all of my players. It is a night they will never forget."

"I'm pleased with how we played in the first half. We were playing with a passion out there, which is contagious. So, yes I was pleased."

"Arizona has an impressive group of guys. I always cheer for the UA, our inner-state brethren. I just wasn't cheering for them tonight."

Hassan Adams:
"We played great defense in the second half. Our intensity was a little bit sluggish in the first half, but we picked it up. We were sluggish and maybe took them for granted a little bit. We got on each other at halftime and said to ourselves we're No. 1 and we need to play like it."

Jason Gardner:
"The first five minutes of the second half is when you can take a team's heart out of the game. We had a lot of turnovers in the first half and so we were only up by five."

Channing Frye:
"We understand we've got a big bulls-eye on us. We weren't taking them for granted. They were just hitting some shots and eventually they got tired. We wore them down with out press."

"Luke Walton is tough. He's got that old man's strength."

NAU guard Kelly Golob:
"This experience will help a majority of our team. Some of our guys have experience playing in big games like this, but for the rest of us this is good."

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