Strange recruiting

Recently, Arizona offered a scholarship to Keegan Hornbuckle, a lightly recruited small forward out of Taft High School in Los Angeles. No offense to Hornbuckle – I am sure he is a good kid and a good player – but it's just the latest of several strange recruiting decisions made by the Arizona coaching staff.

I know, who am I to question Lute Olson and his staff? But still, from the outside, you have to wonder about some of the moves being made.

The biggest problem with offering Hornbuckle is that Arizona doesn't need small forwards, they need post players. The Wildcats roster in the future is scary in that Jeff Withey and Alex Jacobson – who no one thinks is good enough – are the only two posts set to be on the team beyond this season.

Not only that, but there just aren't many recruiting options available. Instead of trying to discover other post prospects, it seems that Olson has just decided to offer guards and wings instead.

The truth is, that won't cut it.

The Wildcats' biggest problem since they began their descent from the top of the college basketball landscape has been the fact that there haven't been many big men on any team since 2002-03.

You win championships with respectable – at a minimum – post play. You don't win championships with four-guard and wing lineups, which is the direction Arizona seems to be heading.

As it stands now, Arizona doesn't have a single power forward expected to be on their roster after this season. How is that going to work?

And if Jacobson is truly as bad as everyone thinks he is, there's no way this is going to work. Olson needs to find a way to get big men into his program.

If not, the future will be filled with more of the same of the past: disappointments.

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