Suspensions overblown

With the recent suspensions surrounding Arizona football, there has been much concern, and rightfully so.

With the recent suspensions surrounding Arizona football, there has been much concern, and rightfully so.

Any time a player is in some sort of trouble, fans and coaches have plenty reason to be a little upset. However, looking at the big picture, we have to ask ourself if we sometimes react a bit too harshly.

Before we do, however, let me make one thing clear. I think the punishment of Terrell Reese is not enough, because I consider DUI to be a terrible crime.

Once again, however, Mike Stoops knows what he is doing and said the following about Reese on Monday:

"We will put him down there on the scout team and when he recommits himself to this team he will work himself back," Stoops said. "When we feel that he does the time we will see. That will be determined as we move forward.

"He will be suspended for these next two games and then from there it will be my decision and his decision on how focused and committed he is on helping us win. I am certainly disappointed in his actions but we are still in the business to help people and hopefully he will learn a valuable lesson through this."

In all honesty, we would not be surprised to not see him until next season.

The real question is, are we overreacting? We often forget these are 17 or 18 year old kids that make mistakes. Reese may be a little older than others on the team, but guys like Mike Turner and Lolomana Mikaele have bee fine citizens in the past.

Jonathan Turner is another player that has respect from anybody that has known him. He knows he did a wrong and so does everybody involved, but it may have been the one mistake in his life and now it is going to cost him his football career.

If Arizona is losing, the suspensions are probably not as a big of a deal. It may look even worse on Stoops but there is a contingent of people that will believe that some actions are a result of the pressure of a losing season.

I am definitely not making excuses for anybody but rather I am wondering if we put these student athletes in a negative light undeservedly so and that is a question that will definitely have varying answers.

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