Game Talk: ASU 34, UA 20

There were a lot of tears shed in the Wildcat locker room following the Wildcats' 34-20 loss to ASU. A long, difficult season was over. For a number of seniors their careers were over as well.

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"Our players can be very proud of their performance—I know I am. This was a very good football game. ASU made the plays that they needed to. We've learned a lot this season, but I wish we had more games for out seniors."

"We had a good chance at the start of the fourth quarter to make a drive, but we had back-to-back penalties and that really took us out of it."

"We have a lot of young players on this team and a lot of them were on the field today. We'll have a good group of young players on the field next year, and we'll have a good nucleus of seniors. They'll give us the leadership that we'll need."

"We'll miss players like Jason Johnson, Lance Briggs, Bobby Wade and Jarvie Worcester. These players had to step in at some point and fill in for other players. Now we need to have someone else step in and fill their shoes."

He (Terrell Suggs) is everything he's hyped-up to be. He's fast, he's strong. He made a real difference out there. He's a great player."

"I feel good about our future. The players were able to play these last two weeks without distraction. We gave our best today. This game was back and forth."

"I love these guys. I'm sad that I'm not going to be a part of this anymore. I'll be a Wildcat for life."

"We're focused on what we need to do. We've done that in the past and we had to clear some air. The air was cleared and we just had to go on with our business. He's still our coach and we're still his players, so we're going to play for that man."

"I told the team earlier in the year that I don't wish this situation on anybody, having to go through a coaching change during your career in college. I happened to be one of the 44 guys who went to go talk to the president, but when you get a chance to think about it you don't want them to go through it again. You don't want all the young guys who are going to experience it to go through it again. So you back your teammates, you always back your teammates, but I think in this situation you just have to bear down and play for John Mackovic because he is our coach here and that is who we are going to play for."

"I don't think that too many people will leave after this season. This team sticks together. The players went to Peter Likins because they wanted to get some things off their chest. We weren't worried about repercussions."

"I am emotional. I like to stand back and watch the players and fans having fun."

"It feels great. This game has been targeted a year ago. I'm very proud of this team."

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