Basketball pickup notes

There have been numerous pickup sessions and it has allowed us to get ideas of how each player has progressed. Here are our thoughts:

There have been numerous pickup sessions and here are our thoughts:
  • Anthony Stover may not be ready to play right away, but he is very important for Arizona. Stover is will not be usable on offense, but he will make an impact defensively.

    Should he commit to Arizona, and we think he will, the duo of him and Withey will be one to reckon with. In fact, it will automatically put the UA in the upper echelon of defensive teams in the conference.

  • Speaking of Withey, he has likely earned himself a starting spot. Ideally, he would come off the bench and still play major minutes. However, the coaching staff has seen enough of him to realize that he has earned a starting job.

  • Brendon Lavender should be the starting shooting guard. He has definitely played the best, but the coaching staff might decide to start Jamelle Horne in order to get Horne on the court as much as possible.

    Both are very good players, but Lavender is going to be vital to Arizona's success.

  • Garland Judkins needs to improve a ton if he is going to play. He has shown a weak ability to shoot the ball and his teammates seem to get frustrated with it at times. Getting to the basket with ease will no longer happen and because of it, Judkins will have to adjust.

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