Game Talk: Arizona 91, SLU 58

The Wildcats won by 33, but you'd never know it from talking to the players and coaches. To a man all of them felt like the Wildcats could have played better. Here is what was said after the game.

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Lute Olson:
"We are not a very efficient team right now. I am disappointed in our lack of effort on the defensive boards. We need to do a better job of rebounding the ball, and we have to be more efficient in that part of the game."

"We only had nine turnovers, so that showed that we did a much better job of taking care of the ball tonight."

"Jason Gardner did a solid job. If he gets a good look he is very confident in his shot."

"Luke Walton in not in synch right now, but it was good to get him some time in there. He did a good job defensively, but his timing is still off a little bit."

Saint Louis Head Coach Brad Soderberg:
"I guess now I know why they are ranked No. 1. They (Arizona) are a phenomenal ball club."

"I don't like to coach like we are just going to survive. Trying to survive against Arizona is not good."

He compared this Arizona team to the one he faced in the NCAA tournament when he was an assistant at Wisconsin.
"This team is much better. I can't think of one weakness. They might not have one dominant scorer in the lane, that's all I can think of."

Hassan Adams:
"We played out game for the win, but it was a lot more mental. I can't really explain it. It was just one of those games. We're going to learn from it."

"Once we start getting better and better, we'll be okay. It wasn't like they slowed it down so much that we couldn't play our game."

Rick Anderson:
(Tonight) was very strange. It was very hard to get to the glass. It was very frustrating for a rebounder like myself or Hassan."

Luke Walton:
"Besides my shot, I felt pretty good. We feel good that we won by 30 points. They slowed us down and frustrated us. We wanted to get up and go. We didn't do a good job on the glass, but we are going to work on that."

"As long as I don't shoot like tonight I'll be alright. I'm excited to go home and play in front of my family and friends."

"It's nice knowing that we could have done some things better, but still won by 30. It says a lot about our team."

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