Pac-10 Power Rankings

At the half way mark or so, here is the conference as we see it:

At the half way mark or so, here is the conference as we see it: At the half way mark or so, here is the conference as we see it:

1. USC: It really may not be close. Yes, it lost to Oregon State, but even the Beavers will admit that SC is the best team in the conference. If anything, the loss made the Trojans made and the rest of the conference will now have to pay.

2. Cal: This is probably a big gap and it looks like the Golden Bears could lose this weekend. However, the run game and solid defense allows Cal to edge out the rest of the conference.

3. Oregon State: It may not be here at the end of the season, but the Beavers are playing pretty good football and have earned this spot because of it.

4. Oregon: The Ducks looked amazing against UCLA and if the offense can perform, the Ducks will be good. However, there are still difficult games on the schedule and the bad side of things may look like the SC game,

5. Stanford: The Cardinal dominated Arizona, although the score was closer than it may appear. Jim Harbaugh has already turned around Stanford and with a power running game, Stanford will be right there in the end.

6. Arizona: The Wildcats defeated two of the teams below them and probably are not much worse than Stanford. Still, there is no reason to put them any higher.

7. UCLA: The Bruins may actually be higher at the end of the season, but there are still too many problems that need to be figured out.

8. Arizona State: The Sun Devils are falling hard and Dennis Erickson is happy about the bye week. ASU is good enough to turn it around, but it needs to happen sooner than later.

9. Washington: Is Ty Willingham fired yet?

10. Washington State: Might be the worst team in the country and is certainly the worst in the conference.

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