Welcome back, Lute

Lute Olson's press conference on Tuesday marked his return in two days. One, he's back coaching for the first time in really a year. Two, he's back to the humble, likeable Olson that has blessed Tucson with his presence for so many years.

In April, Olson had a press conference announcing his return to UA, and to put it bluntly, he embarrassed himself and the school. He fought with the media, criticized Kevin O'Neill and just didn't put himself in a very good light.

However, Olson was apologetic to the media for what happened a year ago, and even found time to praise O'Neill as well.

"I've wished I had that hour back many times," Olson said about his April press conference. "But I guess once every 26 years, you have a right to be other than what you should be."

"I think the staff did a very good job with them," Olson said. "It may be that the philosophy was different, but I think they got the most out of them."

Those comments definitely fly in the face of everything Olson said in April, but good for him.

He has no reason to bash O'Neill; in 50 years no one will remember O'Neill's name, while Olson will forever be in the Hall of Fame.

He has no reason to fight with the media; these guys have been fair to him for a long time and recognize what he has meant to the school and city.

Olson was even hesitant to hype up his team, which definitely isn't usually the case this time of year.

"It's been a different situation with the entire staff being new and with all of the new freshmen," said Olson. "It has been a learning experience in terms of working with the staff and in terms of getting ideas and thoughts. I think they are adjusting to their responsibilities."

And as for Olson's future, it doesn't sound like he's planning on staying around much longer than this year.

"Everything is a year to year situation," said Olson.

This team may not be as good as any that Olson has coached in the past two decades, but in terms of how he handled his opening press conference, he started the 2008-09 season off on the right foot.

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