USC win would be program changing

We've been through this before and we know what's going to happen next. Every single time Arizona is so close to turning the corner, it runs into a wall.

Call it the Arizona curse, call it what you want, but it's real. Arizona has a corner that it just can't turn.

Whether it be UCLA 1998, Oregon 2000 or Arizona State 2006 and 2007. Arizona, for whatever reason, just can't win the game that would change the program forever.

Can USC be different? Can Arizona finally shed itself of the disease that is, well, Arizona Football, and become a legitimate football program?

We'll forget about the curse for a minute and consider what it would mean for the Wildcats to win. Well, it would mean everything.

Arizona would be the odds on favorite to win the Pac-10 and, finally, go to the Rose Bowl. It would only have to beat one more of the big three (USC, Cal, Oregon) to have that opportunity, should the Wildcats beat USC.

Even with a loss to Oregon, looking at the other schools' schedules, two losses would be enough to win the Pac-10, so the Wildcats would just need to defeat Oregon State and Arizona State at home to move on to the upper echelon of college football.

It's crazy to think how possible, yet impossible it is. One game, 60 minutes, one win, and Arizona could be that much closer from scrapping the several years of misery that has plagued the program for so long.

Fans are cautiously optimistic because they don't want to be let down. That would change with a USC win.

Can the Wildcats finally do it?

We'll soon have our answer.

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