Why can't UA spend the money?

The general consensus regarding Arizona's search for a new men's basketball coach is that athletic director Jim Livengood will not break the bank or spend that much money on getting someone good.

That line of thought is unacceptable. It's unacceptable for Livengood to think that there should be a price limit on this and it's unacceptable for the fans to be under the impression that Livengood cares so little about the program that he won't hire the best coach possible.

Memphis isn't a good school and doesn't have an overly successful athletic department outside of basketball. However, the program has still found the funds to give John Calipari $2.35 million a year, with a $5 million bonus if he remains there through 2010.

How does Arizona only have a three quarters of a million dollars to give Lute Olson, yet Memphis can find over three times that much for Calipari?

Coach K makes over $3 million at Duke and Roy Williams makes the same at North Carolina. Billy Gillispie, Thad Matta, Rick Pitino and Rick Barnes all make over a couple million a year.

Yet we're worried about Livengood coming up with $1.5 million for Arizona's new coach, whoever it is.

Well this is how it is. Either Arizona is serious about having a college basketball program or it isn't. If it is serious, Livengood should spend the money necessary to hire the best coach that is interested in the U of A.

If Livengood isn't serious about doing that, then president Shelton needs to find a new athletic director, one that is concerned with having a successful program and spends less time worrying about balancing the budget.

Arizona can't afford to be cheap here. The next several months needs to be spent gathering money from any booster who wants to see Arizona continue its basketball tradition.

The bottom line is that Livengood is fine with cutting corners and not spending much on a new coach. The fans shouldn't, and anything less than the best coach money can buy is unacceptable.

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