Bolden gives UA a ten

Brenton Bolden is a first team all district running back from Clear Creek High in League City, Texas. His team finished 10-1 this season, but the 6-0, 190 pound slasher/breakaway back saw his football season end in the first round of the playoffs.

"We had a tough first round opponent," Brenton told Cat Tracks when we caught up with him Sunday, just after returning from his visit to Tucson.

CT: So had you ever been to Tucson?
BB: No, it was my first time.

CT: What coach at Arizona is recruiting you?
BB: Coach Ianello is recruiting me.

CT: Who was your host?
BB: Gainus Scott showed me around.

CT: How much do you know about Arizona's success with recruits from Texas?
BB: I know there are quite a few. I know Gainus and I also know Biren Ealy.

CT: So what did you do on your visit to the UofA?
BB: Well I got a chance to visit with most of the coaches and met a lot of the players. I had a chance to tour the campus and meet with the academic people there. I ate at coach Mackovic's house.

CT: Were there any other recruits visiting?
BB: There were six or seven recruits and I think there were about two from Texas.

CT: Did you follow the Wildcats this year?
BB: Yes, after they started recruiting me I tried to keep up with the offense they ran.

CT: So, I'm sure you heard all the stuff that was on ESPN?
BB: Yes, I did, but coach Ianello told me what happened and when I went to visit I got a chance to talk to the players and they told me what happened from the inside. And then coach Mackovic cleared everything up.

CT: How would you describe your game? Are you a breakaway back or a slasher?
BB: I would say I'm a breakaway back. I have big play potential.

CT: Do you play any other sports?
BB: Yes, I run track. In the sprints, I've run a 10.5 hundred.

CT: What other schools are you looking at?
BB: I'm looking at Missouri and LSU. I may also visit Iowa State.

CT: Do you think you will commit early or do you want to take all of your visits?
BB: I plan to take all of my visits.

CT: So how would you rate your visit to Tucson? Can you grade it on a 1-10 scale?
BB: I give it a ten. It was real good. The players were cool; the coaches were cool and it really raised my interest higher.

CT: What are the factors that you will be looking at in making your decision?
BB: I'm looking at the team and if I feel comfortable with the players and the environment I'm going to be living in.

CT: Do you know what you will major in?
BB: Probably something in the business field but I'm not sure just what.

CT: Are you looking to play right away or do you think you would like to redshirt?
BB: I will probably redshirt because they already have Clarence (Farmer).

CT: Now, you were all-district for the second straight year. Any other honors?
BB: I was third-team all state.

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