Worst Pac-10 team ever?

With Arizona set to face Washington State, we take a look at just how bad the Cougars are.

It is no secret that Washington State is one of the worst teams in the country. However, a closer look reveals that WSU may be one of the worst Pac-10 teams ever, if not the absolute worst.

For starters, the Wildcats are favored by 38 points. That's right. Despite facing Idaho and Toledo this season, this Saturday's game has the biggest point spread of the season by far. 38 points is something that a team like USC may see once or twice a season but, and no disrespect to the UA, 38 points with the Wildcats is an amazing spread when one considers that Arizona is not a top notch team quite yet.

Moving on to statistics, Washington State is bad- very bad. As bad as the Washington Huskies have been, the Cougars average two points less for a whopping 12.3 per game, with 48 of them coming up against Portland State. The Cougars have scored 33 points in six Pac-10 games, which is obviously embarrassing.

It only gets worse, as WSU only averages 251.3 yards per game, nearly 26 less than the closest team. As a comparison, Arizona averages 383.9 and is only fifth in the conference.

First downs per game?




It keeps going, but you get the point and because you do, watch Saturday's game with the knowledge that you are seeing history because when it is all said and done, this may be the worst Pac-10 team of all time.

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