How good is this team?

Every year U of A fans enter the season with very high expectations for the Arizona basketball team. Usually, fans expect a Pac-10 title and deep run in the NCAA Tournament, regardless of how good the team will be.

This team has talent, but fans should be warned: reduce your expectations this team. There are just too many unknown variables and question marks for a fan to possibly have overly high expectations.

To start: We have no idea how well coached the team is going to be. Maybe Russ Pennell is the next John Wooden and maybe he is the next Steve Lavin. No matter what he is, there's no way to know. All we know is that he was coaching AAU ball a few months back.

I'm sure Pennell is a good coach, but it's just crazy to expect something from him until he proves it on the court.

On top of that, let's face it, Chase Budinger is a very good basketball player, but he's more Robin than he's Batman. He just has never seemed too comfortable being the main guy. Maybe he will this year, but until he is, we won't know.

Nic Wise did a nice job as a role player last year; can he be a superstar this season? Can Jordan Hill stay out of foul trouble?

Everyone with a respected opinion doesn't speak highly of Alex Jacobson. Can he prove everyone wrong? Can Fendi Onobun finally put it together and play big minutes for the Wildcats?

Was Jamelle Horne's disappointing performance in the Red-Blue game an aberration? Will he be better than he showed this weekend?

How about the freshmen? Are Brendon Lavender, Garland Judkins and Kyle Fogg good enough? We have no idea.

There are so many questions surrounding the Wildcats that there's no way anyone in their right mind can predict something big. Maybe it happens, but let's let these guys prove it before we expect it.

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