Coaching staff should go out with a bang

With a new coaching staff guaranteed to be brought in, the current staff should offer as many players as it feels necessary.

One of the more obvious facts surrounding this season is that this will be the first and last that the majority of it will be a part of the Arizona coaching staff.

Due to this unfortunate fact, the staff should go out with a bang of sorts. If the coaches know they are not going to be around, they have nothing to worry about. However, there is still an obligation to set up the next coaching staff.

In order to do this, any player that seems worth of an offer should get one. Whether or not academics are in order is irrelevant and if the player seems close to being good enough, why not take the risk? The fact of the matter is that such processes usually take care of themselves.

Players back out of commitments with changes in coaching staffs, thus it would be understandable if a new coach is brought in and made his own changes.

Of course, there is no guarantee that this would happen, but it is hard to blame the prospective coach if it does.

If a recruit wants to come to Arizona and the current staff feels he is good enough, there seems to be little reason why that recruit should not get the chance. There are players like Victor Rudd that still may want to be a part of the overall program and have faith in the coaching search.

The staff would not be doing its job if it did not at least entertain the idea of a player like Rudd coming to Arizona and because of this idea, recruiting for Arizona could be mighty interesting this year.

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