Stoops excited about Oregon

Arizona head coach Mike Stoops met with the media on Monday and had plenty to say about Oregon.

With Arizona having clinched a bowl spot on Saturday, the Wildcats now look forward to the game against Oregon as one in which the UA can improve its conference standing.

According to Stoops, the toughest part of facing the Ducks may be their potent running attack.

"They have always had talented runners there," Stoops said. "Jeremiah Johnson may be a little more elusive but LeGarrette Blount is very physical and he looks like he is getting better and better. They have a very physical offensive line and challenge you across the board in virtually every facet on your team."

However, the talent goes beyond the running game, as Stoops believes the team is athletic as a whole.

"They are very athletic and skilled across the board, so that is where they present a bunch of huge challenges for you," Stoops said. "They have good people and are well coached and play hard.

"They are like all of the other Oregon teams you see. You have to go up there and beat them and that is your challenge because they have good players and good skill across the board. We are going to have to play a complete game to win."

In addition to competing on the field, Arizona and Oreogn also compete on the recruiting trail. While that may add to the rivalry, Stoops says that it is something that is unavoidable.

"I think the better you get and you start invading other people's space, then everyone takes it personal and I guess that tells you that you are getting a little bit better," he said.

"I think we all compete, the top three or four teams in the conference, are always competing for the same players. Obviously USC is going to get their players and everybody else kind of fights for a lot of the guys that are left."

One players that the UA beat Oregon for is Devin Ross, something that Stoops seems to be ecstatic about.

"I think Devin Ross has probably played as well as anybody all year in the secondary in this conference," he said. "If you look at the plays he has given up opposed to the plays he has made, he will be one of the most productive corners in the league right now when you look at him. I think he probably has some unique talents that when he is healthy and right he can cover a lot of people."

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