Pennell happy with current state of team

Russ Pennell met with the media earlier this week and is happy with what he has seen as of late.

Arizona interim coach Russ Pennell is currently seeing his team improve day by day and on Wednesday he will be able to see just how far the UA has come in the past week as Arizona scrimmages Sonoma State.

"I think for us it's about getting better and making some improvements on what happened last Thursday.

They'll come in and play hard and a lot of their kids will look at this as a great opportunity to play against a Pac-10 team. We don't treat that lightly but we're just trying to get better."

However, it may be difficult to truly see the improvement because Nic Wise is currently questionable due to an ankle injury.

"Actually, (Nic has) had quite a bit of swelling and it's almost like a delayed effect," Pennell said. "The other day it looked like he'd been in a prize fight and his eye was pretty swollen but I just saw him and he looks a lot better. He's actually having a lot more trouble with his ankle but he should be ready to go Wednesday."

Without Wise, Pennell will likely turn to Garland Judkins to be the primary point guard.

"The big thing we want with Garland is for him to value the basketball," he said. "When he learns to do that he's going to be really good for us because athletically, he's as good as anyone.

He has the best vertical leap on the team and he's extremely fast but we've just got to get him to where he's solid with the ball. If he can do that, he'll be fine on the defensive end and he can help us in that capacity."

One of the ways that Pennell has been trying ti improve the team as a whole is by increasing the overall pace of the program.

"I think the big thing that we've been trying to do in practice is little things like move from drill to drill quicker," he said.

"When we're even transitioning from shooting free throws, then grab a drink of water and back on the floor quickly, I think you can build an urgency in your practice."

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