Arizona defeats Sonoma State

The Wildcats defeated Sonoma State 78-54 in the final exhibition game before heading into the regular season.

When the horn sounded Wednesday night, it may have been apparent who the best player on Arizona is this season.

Once again Jordan Hill dominated the competition and although the opponent was completely over matched, Hill showed that he has the ability to dominate a basketball game, something that he has not shown he can do yet in his career.

Hill made 9 of his 12 field goal attempts and hit 12 of 17 free throws en route to scoring 30 points as he also added 11 rebounds.

Hill had points in numerous ways and if he can improve his jump shot even more, he is going to be nearly impossible to guard.

However, his effectiveness is also encouraged by the effectiveness of his teammates. On Wednesday, Nic Wise had a solid scoring night with 16 points but only had one assist.

It was not really his fault, but you would like to see more assists out of your point guard. This is not something that should be much of a worry and we can likely chalk it up to one differing game.

The performance that may be a little worry is Chase Budinger's. For the second game in a row he has lacked an aggressiveness that the coaching staff needs from him. He has to realize that this is his team and it needs him to score as much as possible.

Any sort of criticism is a bit silly at this point because the regular season has not started, but he will definitely need to improve in that aspect and there is little reason to suspect that he will not.

Jamelle Horne and Garland Judkins both played solid games and Horne is rapidly becoming more than a respectable shooter. While his handles are his biggest weakness, his shooting ability allows him to be more versatile and thus more dangerous.

The biggest concern of the night was rebounding and it will definitely be addressed in practice. Hill is not the only player that will be able to rebound, so the guards need to do a much better job of hitting the glass.

With that being said, the UA has improved and seems to be ready for the season opener Monday against Florida Atlantic.

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