What have we learned through two exhibitions?

Two exhibitions are down the drain and while the Wildcats won both, neither victory was very pretty. In both games, Arizona struggled in the first half and did much better in the second.

Here's some thoughts on what we may have learned in the two exhibitions:

  • New Chase Budinger is more of the same old Chase Budinger.

    Not that there's anything wrong with that, because Budinger is a very good player. But he's not a superstar, he's just a very good component.

    For anyone that was expecting Budinger to become the dominant player that he has the ability to become, don't count on it.

  • Nic Wise is the team's best and most exciting player.

    In my mind it's not even close. I'd give it to Jordan Hill but I'm still not convinced he can stay out of foul trouble. Wise is the catalyst and heart of this team. Without him, Arizona has no chance.

  • Shooting guard is a revolving door.

    The coaches seem to be struggling to find the answer at shooting guard. Brendon Lavender, Zane Johnson or Kyle Fogg, that is the question. As of now, there is no answer.

  • The players are more relaxed.

    No more worrying about getting chewed out by KO, and that's a good thing. Maybe being a little more scared of the new coaches wouldn't be such a bad thing, however.

  • This team will struggle.

    For fans expecting a team that is going to compete for a Pac-10 title and make a run in the NCAA Tournament, it might be time to lower your expectations. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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