Shakur becoming a leader

Mustafa Shakur is learning how to be a leader this year. Not only is Shakur the best player on his high school team, Friends' Central of Philadelphia, but he is playing with a group of newcomers. The team is comprised of two new transfer players, as well as seven players who are fresh from the Junior Varsity ranks. Nevertheless, Mustafa has them moving in the right direction.

Friends Central is off to a respectable 3-2 start and riding the momentum of a 92-87 triple overtime victory in which Mustafa Shakur simply dominated, lighting up the opposing home team, Lawrenceville Prep for 48 points Shakur scored nine in the third overtime to solidify the win. In addition to his remarkable point total, Shakur also grabbed 14 rebounds.

"I really want us to win every game this year," Shakur said. "Another goal that I have is that I also want to help my teammates improve."

Shakur will continue the point guard tradition at Arizona next year, and if he continues to progress at this rate, could be the best that the Wildcats have ever seen. At a pep rally before the San Diego State game Lute Olson indicated that Shakur was ahead of every other Arizona point guard at this stage of his career.

"Whether he develops into one of the best remains to be seen," Olson said.

When informed of what Lute Olson had said about him, Shakur continued to be his level-headed self and said, "That's pretty cool."

Shakur has been described as a combination of former Wildcat greats Mike Bibby and Jason Terry, a prolific passer with long arms. Those who have seen him play say he has a distinct style and doesn't try to emulate any one player.

"Mustafa is like Mustafa," his father said succinctly.

Shakur chose Arizona over North Carolina State, and is content with his decision.

"My decision was pretty hard, but I knew that I wanted Arizona all along," Shakur said. "I took my trip to NC State to make sure that Arizona was right…and everyone thinks that Arizona was a great decision. They have a combination of so many different things to offer."

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