Oregon deserves to be a rival

Oregon has generated plenty of reasons for Arizona and the rest of the conference to hate it.

The Ducks have given teams plenty of reasons to hate them over the years and much of it revolves around their head coach.

Pete Carroll may not be the most likeable guy in the world, but there is a reason he flipped off Mike Bellotti from across the field.

There is a reason Mike Stoops has openly talked about it at press conferences.

There is a reason why every single fan in the Pac-10 points as the Ducks as being a top one or two rival during the season.

First off, it all starts with recruiting. Bellotti has been dirty throughout the years to the point where the NCAA had to clarify rules and make some new ones in order to enforce numerous things that Oregon was mainly doing.

Also, if you have not heard the rumor by now, the Oregon coaching staff called the entire Arizona commit list on one afternoon last year in order to "check" if it was open or not.

Of course, certain parts of this hate may have to do with jealousy. Oregon has Nike supporting it in every move and top notch facilities to come with it. In fact, many people wonder why Oregon does not dominate considering the resources at its disposal.

Here the Ducks have state of the art everything, new uniforms every week (or so it seems), yet still can not become a true winner in any major sport. Nobody has really broken down the reasons for this, but it definitely gives you a reason to think.

Either way, plenty of people hate Oregon and rightfully so. If Arizona has its way, it will take that hate and turn it into a win for the third year in a row.

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