Mississippi Valley State preview

Arizona is set to take on Mississippi Valley State on Monday as the UA helps to bounce back from the crushing loss to UAB.

With Arizona set to take on Mississippi Valley State, here is a look at the Wildcats' game versus the Delta Devils.

Arizona should have the advantage at point guard with Nic Wise going up against Dwayne Harmason. Harmason leads the team in assists and turnovers, which is not a good thing. Wise's defense may be more valuable than is offense in this one, as we expect the Wildcats to pressure the ball plenty.

At shooting guard, the UA should see Chase Budinger manhandle the opposition. Michael Clark only averages six points per game and likely does not have the defensive skills to keep up with Budinger, If Arizona can successfully run the offense through Budinger, this game probably will not be close.

At small forward, Jamelle Horne might have a tough time. We expect him to guard Tashan Newsome quite a bit and Newsome has been playing well. Horne's mental focus will be a major aspect of this game, as it will be interesting to see how he handles the embarrassment of last week.

Fendi Onobun will not have to worry about Eric Pzetty's offense, but he will have to worry about the rebounding. Petty is very aggressive on the glass and if Onobun is not careful, offensive rebounding could be a problem.

At center, it can be Jordan Hill versus anybody on the team and Hill will still dominate. This should be his biggest game of the season and if not, Arizona may have some bigger problems than one simple game.

Prediction: This game will not be close at all and the UA should be able to win by at least 20 points.

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