Biggest game of his career?

You hear it all the time, but it holds true once again. Mike Stoops has to beat Arizona State and there is not another option.

Let me preface this by saying that even if Arizona loses, I doubt Mike Stoops gets fired. However, it would obviously be easier to get rid of him if he once again lost to his rival.

Before the season started, many Arizona fans were predicting nine wins. That is a bit foolish considering Arizona's history, but it still does not defeat that fact. The expectations were high, but a 6-6 season would rightfully anger the fan base.

With a much easier schedule, the Wildcats should win seven games in the regular season. Mike Stoops does not want to make the UA's first bowl in ten years on a technicality, which means that this game is huge for him and the program.

If he wins, he can point to a winning record, bowl appearance, and win over his rival as proof that the program has turned around. How can you be angry at a man that did what every realistic Arizona fan should want?

On the other hand, if he loses next week, he does not have much to point to. A loss would mean ASU still owns him, a .500 record, and not much to point at as improvement.

See why this is such a big game?

The coaching staff, Mike Stoops especially, knows the ramifications of this game. It knows the effects it could have on their careers and the program as a whole.

You, the fan, knows this as well. Next week will mark the biggest game Arizona has played in some quite time.

Doesn't it feel great?

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