Ten things to be thankful for

Arizona fans should be thankful for many things, though some may not be as obvious as others.

Here are ten things that Arizona fans should be thankful for.

1. A bowl appearance: Even if Arizona loses out, UA fans should be thankful for the first bowl appearance in ten years. Yes, it would be a disappointing end to the season, but Stoops still accomplished something that has not been done in a decade. A bowl appearance is a step in the right direction, so Arizona fans should be thankful for it.

2. Willie Tuitama: Calm down, calm down. I know he is not an amazing QB by any stretch of the means, but he is still one of the best that Arizona has ever had. People should be thankful for the four years he has given this university and hope that he ends his career on a high note.

3. The big three: Can you imagine this season if Chase Budinger, Nic Wise, or Jordan Hill had left? What about if all three had gone? No matter what happens this season, fans should be happy that these three loved their school enough to stick around.

4. Lute Olson: Now that it is officially over, you can appreciate Olson's service as head coach. The things he did for Arizona will never be matched and because of this, everybody in Tucson owes him a thank you.

5. Keola Antolin: He has taken Tucson by storm with his ability to hit the hole. He reminds me of me and you of you because of his height and for that, Arizona fans love him. When it is all said and done, he is going to have had a very good career at the UA.

6. Mike Candrea: He is back and the winningest coach in Arizona history is sure to bring softball back to where it belongs. No offense to Larry Ray, but it is obvious that Candrea makes the program operate the way that we love to see it run.

7. Sonny Dykes: Do you remember Mike Canales? If you do, you are thankful for Dykes. He may be still learning a bit but the offense under Canales was pathetic. Arizona's O is officially dangerous and after years of Dick Tomey and Canales, fans should be excited about it.

8. The coaching search: With names like Mark Few, Tom Izzo, Jamie Dixon, and others being interested, Arizona fans should be thankful knowing that the program will likely be handed off to a legitimate candidate.

9. Mike Thomas: You may not realize it now, but Thomas is the best receiver this school has ever seen. he will make a good pro and has given it his all for the school, something that we should all appreciate.

10. Your family: After all, who else knows better about how you handled the emotional rollercoaster that is Arizona Athletics.

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