ASU looks like Arizona teams of past

With the Sun Devils at 5-6, ASU looks familiar in many ways.

When Arizona head coach Mike Stoops took the podium on Monday, he touched on the state of the Arizona State personnel.

"They are going to rely heavily on Rudy to make plays for them and try to have some balance with their run game with Keegan (Herring)," Stoops said. "That has been hard for them, but you still see them putting in a lot of time and effort trying to have balance on their offense."

Sound familiar?

Last season, the Wildcats relied on the passing game due in large part to a lack of running game. It was not necessarily that Nicolas Grigsby was a bad running back, but rather that he was a but inexperienced.

There was no Keola Antolin and because of that, the UA's running game was very one dimensional. ASU currently has Herring and Shaun DeWitty, but both have not been effective at the same time this season.

As far as the defense goes, ASU's has been consistent for the majority of the season.

"Defensively they are playing very consistently and making it hard for people to score, so they have a streak going and it will be a unique challenge for us," he said. "We have to make some more plays and play a little bit better than we did the last time we were on the field, but if we can play with that type of effort, I like our football team."

Again, there is little difference between Arizona of last year and ASU. The Wildcats needed to improve each game in order to maximize the potential of winning. Although the Wildcats were not fantastic last season, the defense often made it difficult for the other team to get on the board.

When ASU takes the field on Saturday, look closely.

After all, it may look a bit familiar.

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