Five things to look out for

Here are the main five things to look out for at the game on Saturday

Here are the main five things to look out for at the game on Saturday:

1. Quarterback play : If Tuitama does not play well, we really cannot see Arizona winning this game. It is not necessarily because the UA's run game is weak, but rather because it makes things too one dimensional.

Often times, you can tell how Tui is going to play by the end of the first quarter. That is why we believe that you should watch his first two drives and see what type of player he is going to be on Saturday.

Rudy Carpenter is the same way in the sense that he seems to take himself out of games. If he starts of well, Arizona could be in for a difficult night. On the opposite end of the spectrum, if he messes up early there is a good chance he will struggle.

2. Keola Antolin: Arizona State is going to game plan heavily for Antolin, but no team has been able to stop him yet. If Antolin ruishes for over 100 yards, you have to like Arizona's chances. The question is, how will ASU stop him?

If it loads the box, the passing game is open. If it plays him straight up, he probably will have a legitimate amount of success. Antolin is more key to Grigsby because of his ability to change the pace of the game, thus he is important to watch.

3. The pressure: Will the pressure get to either team? make no mistake about it, a 6-6 season is a disappointment for Arizona fans. In the same breath, a 5-7 season for ASU is much more than a simple disappointment.

Both teams are completely aware of the pressure that faces them, but we do not know just yet how that pressure will effect them. Arizona has a tendency to play tight early in games like this and in a rivalry game, that can be costly.

4. Scoring: Sounds simple, but ASU did not score an offensive touchdown last game and has seen the O struggle all season. Arizona, however, has seen it as a bright spot.

What does this all mean? Well, we don't really know until Saturday. It could be a high scoring game or a defensive battle. We feel a high scoring game fits right with what the UA is able to do, but a defensive battle would not hurt either.

5. Deep balls: ASU could test the UA deep after seeing Arizona blow numerous deep coverages throughout the season. It will be interesting to see if the ASU offense builds up to it, or if offensive coordinator Rich Olson remains conservative in his approach.

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