Another heartbreaker

Here are some game notes on Friday's 67-66 loss at Texas A&M.

Friday night was a game that the UA probably should have won, but once again an Arizona team lost a game in the last couple of minutes. Here are some general notes on tonight's action:

  • Nic Wise fouling out cost the Wildcats dearly. It is obvious that he is then only player on the team that is capable of running the point, so him foulding out is obviously a big deal.

    While fouling out could be excusable, it simply was not on Friday. Wise made numerous stupid fouls and he needs to be much smarter if Arizona is going to win.

  • The fact that Brendon Lavender is not playing should be a bigger deal. He is a player that we have liked since high school and he has done nothing wrong to get in Russ Pennell's dog house. However, Pennell sees no reason to play him.

    If Lavender had done something to deserve this treatment we would be more inclined to understand it. However, he is a great kid and good player, thus needs to be playing.

  • Kyle Fogg is not ready to play right now. Arizona's situation basically forces him to play, but in other years he definitely would not have. He does not have the confidence to be a good player right now, which is a shame.

  • Alex Jacobson's play on Friday should earn him more minutes. We liked the lineup with him and Hill and his effort should wear off on the rest of team. He may not ever be a star, but it definitely looks like we are going to enjoy having him on the team.

  • Arizona needs to improve its perimeter defense. Jamelle Horne has a tendency to drift inside, which wound up costing Arizona the game late. If the UA can improve in this area, it will be much better for it. However, it is a big if right now.

  • This team is capable of making the tournament, but there are a number of things that need to improve. This stretch of games will tell us a lot about the Wildcats and it should be exciting to watch.

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