SDSU Preview

Arizona will face San Diego State Wednesday night in a game that should go to the wire.

With the Wildcats having a tough game on Wednesday night, here is the breakdown as we see it:

PG: Arizona probably has one of its bigger advantages here, though Richie Williams is a solid player. Wise is capable of scoring points at a higher rate thatn Williams, thus we would not be surprised to see Williams focus more on the defensive end of the court.

SG: Kyle Fogg has been decent, but Kyle Spain is easily the better player. In fact, we would not be surprised to see Brendon Lavender get playing time because Fogg will need major help defensively.

SF: Chase Budinger is one of the best players in the country, but Lorrenzo Wade coming back is not an easy matchup. We like Budinger here, but it could wind up being even, which is an obvious advantage for SDSU.

PF: Billy White and Jamelle Horne are very similar, but White seems to be improving at a greater rate. Either way, this should be a close matchup.

C: Jordan Hill is going to make an impact on Wednesday for the simple reason that the UA does not have a choice but to let him to. If he does not, Arizona is certainly not going to win this game.

Prediction: Arizona is going to have a tough one on its hands, but should be able to get the win at home.

Arizona 78, SDSU 76

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