Bad timing

When Sterling Lewis got caught for DUI, much more was at stake than just his future.

As if making the grave mistake of participating in a DUI was not enough, Arizona linebacker Sterling Lewis was caught driving on the wrong side of a major road in Tucson.

What were you thinking Sterling?

To do something like this a week before arguably the biggest game he may ever play lets down not only himself but the seniors that worked so hard to bring Arizona back to success.

It is a slap in the face to the coaching staff that gave him an opportunity to play football and his teammates that believed in him.

With all of that being said, it was a mistake. Lewis has proven to be a fine citizen before this and has never had a problem before, including junior college. Arizona head coach Mike Stoops mnust assess this like he has any other similar situation and because of this, you have to assume Lewis will be back next season.

IN fact, Lewis will likely be a starter and have a role in which he will not only be watched by the younger players on the field, but off it as well. As somebody with an interest in Arizona football, you have to want to see Lewis succeed in many ways.

It may start with surrounding himself with people that would not let him make these mistakes or it may start with him simply waking up and realizing how much worse it could have been.

Arizona needs Lewis to be straight and most of all, Lewis needs it from himself. There is just too much at stake to make these mistakes and none of it has to do with football.

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