Arizona came away with the big upset over Gonzaga and here are our thoughts on the game.

Arizona came away with the big upset over Gonzaga and here are our thoughts on the game.

  • Mark Few did not do himself any favors on Sunday. Gonzaga refused to play defense and the Wildcats took great advantage of that fact. In addition, he often looked flustered and basically failed to come up with an answer for what Arizona was doing. At the end of the day, how do you hire somebody that got outcoached by Russ Pennell?

  • Jordan Hill is the best player on this team and it may not be close. Josh Heytvelt did not have an answer for him and not many teams this season will. It is hard to double team him when guys like Kyle Fogg are playing well and Hill took full advantage on Sunday.

  • Nic Wise played relatively well but he makes too many mistakes that could wind up costing the UA. He needs to realize that it is unnecessary to force shots, especially when the other players are hitting. Wise is going to play well all year, but there is still plenty of room for improvement.

  • Arizona fans should thank Garland Judkins for screwing up because it allowed Kyle Fogg to get a greater opportunity. Fogg played extremely well on both defense and offense and should wind up being a major part of this squad. In fact, he needs to be if the UA is going to be expected to win at a high rate.

  • Chase Budinger needs to be more aggressive, but a win is a win. There were numerous times that he could have gotten to the ball, but hesitated. He needs to get rid of that hesitant mentality he has and realize the type of player he needs to be.

  • This is the type of win that tournament appearances are made on. Arizona is going to be able and look at this win as the biggest of the season and something it could pride its season on.

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