Gustavis has questions answered

Following media reports of a player revolt on the Arizona squad, Robert Gustavis said he had concerns and would have questions on his visit. When Cat Tracks caught up with Robert after his return, he described just how the coaching staff and players addressed those questions.

Robert Gustavis is an athletic offensive lineman who has had Arizona on his list of schools throughout the fall. The 6-4, 280 tackle from North Torrance, California can cover forty yards in 5.2 seconds and his athleticism is demonstrated by his 24 inch vertical leap. He was an All-CIF performer as a junior with 33 pancake blocks.

Cat Tracks: Robert, when did you get back from your visit to Arizona?
Robert Gustavis: I got back around one clock today.

CT: Did you get to go see the basketball game? (No.1 Arizona vs No.8 Texas)
RG: No, everybody was talking about it but I had to get back. I actually did want to go see it.

CT: Do you know if any of the recruits planned to go?
RG: I doubt that many of them got to go because the majority left even before I left.

CT: What all did you do?
RG: I went to my hosts's house (Tanner Bell), and we played video football and watched a little bit of The Junction Boys. We watched a little bit of it at Coach Mackovic's house.

CT: So Coach Mack had it on, eh?
RG: (Laughs) Yes, he did.

CT: So how was your visit?
RG: It was great man. I could really see myself playing at Arizona. All the players are nice, all the coaches are nice and I can see the future with them having a really good team.

CT: I know that you were concerned earlier about the news reports earlier out of Tucson?
RG: I asked everybody about it and everybody told me it was blown out of proportion and that it wasn't like that. I got to see the the way the players were around Coach Mackovic and the way they interacted was very real. Everything was authentic.

CT: Did you meet a lot of the players, or just a few?
RG: I met most of the players, actually I might have met all of them. I met Ryan O'Hara, the quarterback from the Pasadena area. I thought actually I might have played against him in my sophomore year.

CT: How about some of the other younger guys?
RG: Yes, I met a lot of player, but there were so many I can't remember most of their names. I met Michael Bell, but I was mostly around lineman.

CT: Do you prefer playing guard or tackle?
RG: I like tackle, but I could play guard. They have some big people among the young players on the offensive line.

CT: How about the coaches? Who did you meet, and who's recruiting you?
RG: I met my position coach, Coach Dickey. And Coach Camp was the original coach recruiting me. Coach Ianello is also involved.

CT: So what other official trips have you taken?
RG: I have only been to Arizona on an official trip. That's the first. I have been to Stanford and USC on unofficial visits and to Cal as well, but I just saw more at Arizona.

CT: Did you come close to committing?
RG: I need to take another trip just to compare because I haven't met all the coaches and players on the unofficial trips.

CT: Where else are you looking at tripping?
RG: Oregon St. and California. I don't think I'm going to be taking the trip to UNLV.

CT: What all are you looking at in choosing a school? Immediate playing time; academics?
RG: It all kind of goes together. I don't push it that I need to play right away. I want them to decide whether or not I'm ready to play when I get to camp. I'd like to play but I want to make sure I'm ready.

CT: Your host Tanner Bell got to play as a true frosh.
RG: Yes, Tanner said he had a lot of fun. He had some little injuries but it was a lot of fun.

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