Arizona now the measuring stick

Robert Felton has been called by Max Emfinger one of the most impressive offensive linemen that Emfinger has seen this year. Felton, of Houston (Cypress-Creek), Texas, has been both a teammate and rival to at least one Arizona player, Biren Ealy.

Robert Felton, who is also one of the most personable young men the Wildcats are recruiting this year took time out from a busy schedule to talk to Cat Tracks after returning to Houston from his visit to Arizona on Sunday. Most nights the 6-5, 329 pounder can be found working as a checker at a grocery store.

Cat Tracks: Robert, what time did you get back from Arizona?
Robert Felton: Just got back at 3 p.m.

CT: You didn't get to watch the basketball game then?
RF: No, I left just before the game started. I kind of wanted to go because the basketball team from the University of Texas stayed at my hotel. It was kind of strange, I was looking around at all these huge guys in terms of height.

CT: So how was it?
RF: I had a good time. Arizona was what I thought it was times ten. Everything was brand new in fact it looked like someone just built the university. The sun is always shining; there are bright days and no rain.

CT: How did you like the coaches?
RF: I like Coach Mackovic. He's a really nice guy. He and Coach Ianello are coming to see me at my house on Tuesday.

CT: Do you know what they are going to ask you?
RF: I know exactly what they are going to ask me.

CT: Who was your host?
RF: Biren Ealy was my host. He's from Houston. He's kind of from my rival school.

CT: Did you get to talk to a lot of the players?
RF: I met a lot of the guys, we went to a huge get-together. I got to meet a lot of the players and asked them about the incident. The players told me not to worry and I know the players wouldn't lie. I know I wouldn't lie about things at my school. What happens is like a little family fight, then the media will grab everything they can get their hands on, and they blow everything out of proportion.

CT: So I take it you liked the city?
RF: (Can I see) me going there? It was great. I had never been to Arizona. I was taking pictures of the mountains on the plane. The whole campus was beautiful; it was like a 21st century campus.

CT: Any idea what you will major in?
RF: I'm kind of undecided. One day I want to say business; the next day I might say criminal justice. I will take a year and check it out. I have a year to take general classes anyway, so I want to be sure what I want to do. I hear the UofA has a good business program and a good criminal justice program.

CT: So did your school ever play against Biren Ealy's?
RF: Yes, I played against Biren. In fact, he ran back a kick-off. I almost caught up with him and nipped him in the back of his legs and he shook it off and took it on in. They only beat us by three points. We talked about it. He said it was kind of scarey with a 300 pound guy chasing him. And, we played on the same junior high team, so I've known him for a good amount of time. When he told me it was okay and that everything was good at Arizona, I knew it was all right. I don't think he would lie to me. It was a good thing.

CT: So do you think you'll commit anytime soon?
RF: I'm not going to commit too early. I have to take what I've got from Arizona and Wisconsin and compare it to other schools. I would say Arizona looks really nice to me. If it is better than these other schools, then of course, I want to go to Arizona. I will say I like the bigger environment. The people in Tucson and the university just treated me real nice.

CT: So did Coach Mack barbeque the steaks Saturday night?
RF: I don't think so. We spent Saturday night at coach Mack's home and he has a lovely home. His wife is very nice too. I also met coach Ianello's wife and little son Zachary. They are a nice family.

CT: So you came back with Lionel (Dotson)?
RF: Yes, Lionel and his mother. He liked it a lot. From what I saw and his expressions, I think he liked it a lot.

CT: Are you looking to play as a true frosh or redshirt?
RF: That's another thing that's really playing a big part of this. The UofA is really hurting for offensive lineman and I think that would play a big part in my decision. If it's not possible and I'm not ready I would want to redshirt. But if I can (play), yes, I do want to play.

CT: What other schools are you going to visit?
RF: Kansas, and Arkansas. I might go to Colorado. I'm going to Kansas this weekend. I will say the whole school at Arizona impressed me a lot and its going to be kind of hard for these other schools to compete, but I'll never know unless I go to see another school.

CT: How big are you now?
RF: I'm 6-5, and I weigh 329.

CT: What are you lifting now?
RF: I bench about 330 to 340 and I squad about 510. I've heard I've got really good feet.

CT: What do you run the forty in?
RF: I run the forty in about 5.3

CT: What did you think of the facilities?
RF: The facilities are really nice. The weight room was phenomenal.

CT: You play tackle now, what would you play in college?
RF: I would play guard in college because all these places and schools tell me I'm too short.

CT: Now Robert, you work even during the season, right?
RF: Yes, I'm a checker at a grocery store. I go to bed about 1:00 a.m., then I get up by 6:30 a.m. and go to school, then practice and work. I work all the time.

CT: You've got to sleep when you get to college?
RF: (Laughing) I know. I'll take a break from work and just concentrate on school and football.

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