McClellan sold on UA, not NBA

Most kids grow up dreaming to be professional basketball players, but as they get older they realize that professional sports is only a reality for a select few. By the time a kid hits high school he will know whether his childhood dream is a possible reality. For Jawann McClellan, the NBA is possibly only a few years away, yet he seems to not even acknowledge that fact.

Jawann McClellan is an avid basketball fan, and at this point in his life he only has time for ball, and school. Yet, as much time and energy as he puts into his game, McClellan is not  relying solely upon making it into the NBA. He has another interest.

"I'm thinking that I'd like to be a TV broadcaster," McClellan said. "I want Charles' (Barkley) job."

McClellan's father studied broadcasting, and Juwann said that he is excited about going to Arizona to learn on and off of the court. Although McClellan has never actually been to Tucson, he has decided that this is the place for him. He will make his first trip to Tucson on March 8th, in time to see the Wildcats close out the regular season with a home game against Oregon. He cannot officially sign a Letter of Intent to play for the Wildcats until next November when he is a senior, but McClellan is very adamant about his decision to play for Arizona.

"No doubt Arizona is the place that I'll be," McClellan said. "If they'd send me the papers today, I'd sign."

Deciding on where to attend school is hard enough for most high school seniors, but McClellan, who's only a junior, is so committed to the Cats that his only concern about Arizona is whether his girlfriend will be able to make it to Tucson to go to school with him.

More on that issue later.

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