Stoops deserves extension

Arizona head coach Mike Stoops deserves an extension for numerous reasons.

When Arizona won the bowl game against BYU, it immediately became public that Arizona head coach Mike Stoops was headed towards an extension. The announcement was met with some reservation, but there were also others that knew it was the right move.

Consider us to be part of the latter. Stoops has turned around a program that was in shambles when he arrived at the UA. Some people may never know just how bad the program was when he arrived, but Stoops still came to Arizona with full knowledge of the challenge.

He started recruiting within the state and then used his contacts to give the UA an amount of talent that it simply has never had. Sure, it may not have led to the best results in school history just yet, but there is no denying the talent level.

See, success in college football often takes time. Ask Frank Beamer and other coaches that have done similar. It is not easy to rebuild in football because of the amount of players necessary to succeed.

Stoops has turned the corner and led the UA to do something it had not done in ten years. Now is the time for the next step and in order to make it easier to reach, the program needs some stability.

By giving Stoops an extension and his staff a raise, that stability is present. A recruit can feel good about coming to Arizona and the staff can feel comfortable in their job. It was the right move and one that should pay off sooner than later.

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