Recruiting Hot Board

Here are the top Arizona prospects left on the board as we see them.

Here are the top Arizona prospects left on the board as we see them.

1. Adam Hall: Hall has to be at the top because he is a) a good player and b) from Tucson. Losing a player of Hall's caliber that is in your own backyard is more than disappointing. From what we hear, the coaching staff is aware of this and has made Hall a top priority.

2. Edward Nuckols: Arizona has a better chance with Nuckols than Latu Heimuli and thus we put him higher. It will likely come down to Colorado and the UA and the Wildcats are in great shape. Nuckols is the type of run stopper that the Wildcats desperately need and the hot board shows it.

3.Michael Philipp: The top three are basically even and Philipp could go higher. However, he is a bit more open in his recruitment. Philipp likes Arizona more than most people think and not taking an official visit to Tucson means very little.

4. Latu Heimuli: Florida is in very good shape hear but if he does not choose the Gators, Arizona is in great shape. Many consider Heimuli to be the best run stopper in the country and he would be one, if not the most, important member of the class.

5. Bryson Littlejohn: He is going to visit Oregon but Arizona supposedly has the heavy lead. The Ducks are going to do everything to change his mind and a USC offer would absolutely change his mind. Either way, the UA is right in the thick of things.

6. Terry Hawthorne: There could be a reason why nobody has heard from Hawthorne following his visit to Arizona. Sources say he really enjoyed the visit and the general thought is that if he was comfortable with Illinois, he would not be afraid to share it. Instead, he has not been heard from since.

Arizona is focusing on the six players listed, although more could definitely appear. We will keep you updated as they do.

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