Arizona and Stanford are somewhat equal teams and here is how we see it breaking down

Arizona and Stanford are somewhat equal teams and here is how we see it breaking down

PG: Nic Wise is much better than Mitch Johnson, so this could be Arizona's biggest advantage. Wise has to be aggressive, but make sure that he does not get out of control. However, he needs to push more because of the lack of talent around him. Wise should have nearly 20 points in this game if he plays the way he should.

SG: Anthony Goods had a terrible game against Arizona State, which means he should break out against the UA. Kyle Fogg is going to give him a heck of a time defensively, but at this point Goods is a better player. Even if Fogg is not able to score much, his defensive effort could go a long way in helping the Wildcats win.

SF: Chase Budinger is going to breakout eventually and Landry Fields does not have the lateral speed to keep up with him. The one thing that bothers us about this slump is that Budinger has not been taking it to the basket enough. Our guess is that this changes today and he finally breaks out of his slump a bit.

PF: Jamelle Horne matches up with Lawrence Hill pretty well though Hill is the better player at this point. If Horne can match Hill on both sides of the ball, this matchup may be closer than people think. Of course, that could be moot depending on which Horne shows up.

C: Jordan Hill will be the best player on the court and Arizona needs to exploit that. Any possession in which he does not touch the ball is a disappointment, especially considering that there is no reason Josh Owens should be able to slow him down. At this point, Hill is looking like the difference in the game.

Prediction: Arizona 73, Stanford 60

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