The Wildcats looked awful against Stanford on Sunday and here are our overall thoughts on how the game went

When Arizona took the court on Sunday, you figured that the Wildcats would put up a better effort than they did against Cal. Instead, the UA actually looked much worse.

First off, the effort just was not there. Considering how big of a game this was, Arizona just did not seem like it wanted to be there. Much of the time you can blame this on coaching, as the staff fails to prepare the players for just how meaningful such a game is.

While we hesitate to do this completely, it is safe to assume that it was part of the problem. For the Wildcats to come out like they did was inexcusable, especially in a game such as this one.

Whether it was Chase Budinger or anybody not named Jordan Hill and Nic Wise, the UA seemed like it wanted nothing to do with Stanford.

Speaking of Budinger, something has to give. People want him to be benched, but that is not the answer. At this point he is missing confidence and putting him on the bench would do absolutely nothing to help him.

In addition, who would replace him? Arizona does not have the talent that it once had and there really is not anybody to replace Budinger. Some may say that Russ Pennell should give Brendon Lavender a chance, and he definitely should, but not in the place of Budinger.

The first two games are a great indication of how this season is going to go for Arizona. That is not to say that there will be 20-point losses every night, because there will not be.

However, there will be efforts such as these. This is what happens when you lack talent beyond three players and the person leading them has less experience than they do.

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