Adam Hall did the right thing

Hall chose to not make a decision at the Army All-American bowl and has since been criticized for it.

When Adam Hall told that he would not be making a decision at the Army All-American game, many took him at his word. However, the announcers at the game made it clear that they still believed he would be choosing a school.

Instead, he decided to cut his school list down to Arizona, Cal, and Oregon. When he did so, many people criticized him because of the way that he played it out on television.

Adam Hall should not be criticized because frankly he chose to beast the system. That's right. He did something that not many other players would have the guts to do and because of it, Arizona fans should be thankful. It is true that had he pulled the trigger on Saturday, it would have been the Wildcats. However, the decision would have been made with reservations.

Arizona fans should be thankful that he has taken away the possibility of changing his mind because he has instead chosen to take his visits and think clearly about his recruitment. What is so wrong about that?

In this day and age we see television networks run by full grown men pressuring 17-year old kids to make a decision that will effect their lives forever. For somebody to criticize him for wanting to be a mature adult in analyzing his recruitment is ridiculous.

Adam Hall did something that should be looked up to by many other recruits. Recruiting should take notice of Adam Hall because he played it right. He made his decision to handle his recruitment with care and while other kids are changing their mind and hurting team's recruiting, Hall will have been honest the entire process.

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