Recruiting update

Here is a look at the remaining targets that the Wildcats are looking at.

Recruiting season is coming to an end, and so is Arizona's priority list. As of now, there are four main players still left and beyond that, the UA may look at other targets should one or more of those four fall through.

First, Bryson Littlejohn is expected to announce sooner than later. He recently came back from a trip to Oregon and the Ducks are quite confident. Arizona fans, on the other hand, wonder what has taken him so long to become a Wildcat considering how much he has said he likes the UA.

Littlejohn keeps much of his recruitment to himself, but we should know what he wants to do in the next couple of days.

Michael Philipp is yet another player that is hard to get a read on. Most feel Arizona is out of the picture, but that just is not true. He may not talk about the UA as much, but much of that is because he has not and will not take an official to Arizona.

Philipp is a guy that should take it all the way until Signing Day, so do not expect much real news from him until that day.

Jason Pierre-Paul rarely gives interviews, but Arizona is in good shape here. South Florida keeps adding defensive ends and that has to make Pierre-Paul think. He is still going to visit Florida State and Kansas State, so there is plenty of time remaining.

We hear that Kansas State is going to give a fight here, especially since he goes to Fort Scott. Either way, Arizona is going to make a push for him, and rightfully so.

Last of course is Adam Hall. Hall has been public with the fact that the UA is likely his leader. However, Oregon is expected to make a statement with him and go all out.

If the pressure to stay home makes an impact, Hall may be the most likely of the bunch to be in Tucson.

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