ASU game to decide season

Arizona will go into the Arizona State game on Wednesday with the season on the line.

When Arizona takes the court on Wednesday, a strong argument could be made that the entire season will be on the line. Sure, it is difficult to call a game a must win this early in the season, but that is definitely what it seems to be shaping out to be.

Arizona is coming off of a disappointing loss to USC and is looking to improve on its worst Pac-10 record in years. The theme of the season so far has been disappointment for numerous reasons, and a loss to ASU would be icing on the cake.

It would probably be proof that ASU has passed Arizona as a program, not historically, but currently. Some can make that argument now and it is hard to ignore it, because last year shows it to be somewhat true. However, a win would show that the Sun Devils still have plenty of work to do.

A loss?

Well, that would be hard to get over. Arizona would have lost its third game in a row and confidence would be at its lowest of the season. On a team that definitely does not try as hard as it needs to, a loss of confidence could be dangerous.

It makes sense that this is the most important game of the season, not because of record, but because of the ramifications. Losing to ASU for the third time in a row when the Sun Devils used to struggle to win just one, would be a swift kick in the butt for the program as a whole.

It really is simple. If Arizona wants to have success the rest of the season, it needs to win. There is too much riding on the game Wednesday for it not to.

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