Another loss

Wildcats once again struggle to execute in a close game, as the Sun Devils win 53-47.

Arizona has had some ugly games in the past, but Wednesday's game may have been one of the ugliest ever, as the UA lost to ASU 53-47 at McKale.

Arizona actually shot better than the Sun Devils, hitting shots at a 29 percent rate. ASU shot only one percent lower, but it definitely is not often that you see such low shooting percentages.

Of course, the game will likely be remembered for the call at the end. Dave Libbey, who is now becoming famous among Arizona fans, called Jordan Hill for a moving screen that, well, was not moving. It looked as if Hill would have been open on the roll, but Arizona fans will never know what would have happened.

The refs, however, were not the only thing to blame. Hills' foul at the end was inexcusable, especially considering that there was three seconds left on the shot clock. The Wildcats need to play much smarter, especially against a team that generally plays smart.

The UA is lucky that the Sun Devils were not making their shots, because ASU was open too many times. The defense is still weak and had ASU hit, Arizona would have likely been blown out.

Eventually, Arizona is going to start winning these close games. The problem is that the wins will come at a time in which the Wildcats have already missed the tournament.

Now every game is a must win, a feeling that Arizona is not used to having and a feeling that it frankly should never have as a program.

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