Turning Point?

In one of the more remarkable comebacks in recent memory, Arizona defeated the Cougars 96-90 at McKale on Saturday.

How many times has it gone the opposite way?

How many times has Arizona blown a lead or not been able to capitalize at the end of games?

On Saturday, it did not matter.

The Wildcats took advantage of the press and missed free throws to force the game into overtime and win 96-90 in a game that Arizona absolutely needed to win.

The 40 minutes before overtime were borderline awful, as the UA struggled on defense. It seemed that every time the Wildcats scored, Houston would come right back and do the same.

However, it all changed with one stupid play. For some reason, Aubrey Coleman thought it would be a good idea to step on Chase Budinger's head. Of course, he will likely call it an accident, but replays would seem to contradict that.

At that moment, Arizona did something that it does not often do. It decided to play with an added fire that has been missing for some time. The Wildcats took it as motivation and outscored Houston considerably for the rest of the game. Budinger got up and fought back, something that UA fans have been asking him to do for a while.

Houston's Kelvin Lewis had a career day, but it took 9-28 shooting to make it happen and frankly, the UA can't be too disappointed with that. If teams are going to shoot 36 percent, the Wildcats will more often than not be perfectly fine with it.

On the other hand, Arizona is going to be tough to beat if Jordan Hill shoots 12-21 and nearly has 30 and 20. Figuring Budinger has a better game and one more player steps up a bit, this game probably is not close. Yes, the defense should have been better, but it is not far fetched to believe the UA should have had 120 points.

There is a saying that a win is a win, but this one seems a bit sweeter than most. Arizona did something it does not do too often and it may have just turned the season around.

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