Offensive recruit outlook

Here is a look at the percentages we feel each offensive recruit has of contributing their first year

Here is a look at the percentages we feel each offensive recruit has of contributing their first year. While much remains to be seen, this is based on what we have seen and heard along with the current team.

Jake Baratz: With the offensive line being solid, Baratz will likely redshirt. It is extremely difficult for an offensive lineman to play right away, especially in the type of system Arizona runs. Chances: 5 %

Jack Baucus: Baucus is coming into Arizona with the intention of being a tight end. It is possible that Arizona lines up Gronkowski more at wide receiver and plays Baucus, but chances are better that he is blocked. We like his chances for the future, but freshman year will be tough. Chances: 20 %

Kylan Butler: Butler's best chance of playing is on special teams, but it is definitely a solid chance. If Travis Cobb and company do not do the job, do not be surprised to see Butler out there. Chances: 30 %

Travis Cobb: Arizona does not get junior college players for them to sit on the bench. Cobb is going to have a chance on special teams right away and will also be looked at to see if he is good enough to fill Mike Thomas' spot. Chances: 75 %

Daniel Jenkins: Jenkins is going to be amazing in Arizona's offense, but Nicolas Grigsby and Keola Antolin may slow that down a bit. If he proves to be too good to keep off the field, there is a chance. However, the two players ahead of him may be too good right now. Chances: 25 percent

Terrence Miller: Miller is very young, but physically he may be ready. We figure he needs to put on weight and due to his age will have difficulty contributing. One year from now, however, and he may be a big part of the offense. Chances: 10 %

Richard Morrison: Morrison is much, much better than people give him credit for. He will go into camp even with Matt Scott and Nick Foles and if he is as good as we hear he is, he may surprise you. Chances: 33 %

Dewayne Peace: Peace is a very solid receiver, but Arizona's unit is already strong. He will have an opportunity to play, but he is going to have to make quite an impression. Chances: 25 %

Chris Putton: Putton has already gone on record as saying that he will redshirt and we see no reason not to believe him. Chances: 0%

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