Arizona sleeper looking for the right fit

It's interesting in this day and age to find a football recruit who is more interested in his fit at the school than in the size and prestige of the program. With all of the attention paid to recruits, many of the athletes are worried solely about their fit as an athlete. Robert Joyce of Flagstaff just wants to find a place he fits in.

Robert Joyce is a RB/LB from Coconino High School in Flagstaff. Although he isn't the most sought after player, he does have D-I ability. Joyce was getting looks by all three Arizona schools, but he may be just as content to pass up the Cats and Devils to stay close to home and play for the D-IAA Lumberjacks.

"I don't know what I'm looking for," Joyce confessed. "I just want to get a feel for each school and see where I fit in the best."

As of now it is a two team race between NAU and the Wildcats.

Joyce is the perfect example of the inaccuracies of college football recruiting. He is unranked by some services, but a three-star recruit in another. Some consider him a linebacker, while one actually listed him as the 58th best running back in the country.

The size and profile of the school doesn't seem to mater to Joyce. He's from a relatively small town, but he isn't hesitant about going to a big school. At the same time he isn't opposed to going to a school that has no chance of being on television.

"The size of the school does not matter," Joyce said. "I'm not worried about what level I play on. I just want to fit in. Size doesn't matter."

The Wildcats are looking at Joyce as a linebacker, while the Lumberjacks want him to carry the ball. Joyce ran for 834 yards and 10 touchdowns last season, but he says he doesn't have a preference.

"Right now I like both positions," Joyce said.

In terms of football, Joyce is most interested in his future teammates and coaches. He really wants to see how he fits in and how the players and coaches interact.

"I'm curious about the coaches' relationships with the players," said Joyce. "I want to sit down and talk to some players and see what their relationship with the coaches are."

Joyce is 6-0, 200 pounds and runs a 4.5. He could be seen as a Ray Wells type linebacker. Like Wells, he is a track standout and speed is definitely part of his game.

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