Make or break week

Arizona goes into this week's homestand knowing that is has to win at least one game this week.

With the Los Angeles schools on the horizon, Arizona is completely aware of what is at stake this week. The Wildcats are in a situation in which it needs to finish above .500 for the rest of the season in order to make the tournament.

The USC Trojans are in town on Thursday and it may be the more important game. SC is the type of squad that the Wildcats are completely able to beat. In fact, it should be favored due to numerous factors.

Chase Budinger is playing his best basketball of the season and when he plays this well, the UA is extremely difficult to beat more often than not.

With the injuries on USC and the lack of offense and such, Arizona is going to go into this game extremely confident and know that it has a very good chance of winning.

The reason we say that this is the most important game is because the UCLA Bruins are going to be heavily favored with the way they are playing now. Arizona will go into the game as the underdog and thus, if it loses, it truly is no big deal.

It really is simple: If Arizona sweeps, it is in amazing shape. if it splits, it is in fine shape. Last, if it loses both, the tourney chances are on the ropes.

The question now is, which will it be?

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