Arizona faces USC on Thursday and here is how we see the game breaking down.

PG: Nic Wise should be motivated to have a good game against SC, especially after what happened between he and Dwight Lewis. Tim Floyd is certainly going to put something together to contain Wise, but he should have a solid advantage here.

SG: Kyle Fogg is going to have a tough time containing Dwight Lewis, but he has definitely been playing better. As usual, Fogg's focus will be on defense because if he is able to stop Lewis, SC is going to have a difficult time winning.

SF: Demar Derozan played well in the previous game, but Chase Budinger has been on another level. As long as Budinger keeps playing like he has, the UA is going to be a much better squad.

PF: Jamelle Horne should see a decent amount of playing time because of the matchups. He may not be a huge factor and Zane Johnson will wind up playing, but either way, this matchup is not going to decide the outcome of the game.

C: Jordan Hill should have a close matchup with Taj Gibson, as both are big time competitors. However, Hill is better offensively and that could be the difference here.

Prediction: Arizona 75, USC 68

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