Big week for Wildcats

Arizona goes into the last week of the regular season knowing that it needs to win both games to secure a bid.

You can blame it on the refs, poor shooting, or simply being the weaker team.

However, no matter what you blame it on, Arizona's loss to UW puts it in a position that it definitely did not want to be in.

Of course. there is a possibility that the UA can lose a game next week and then a conference tournament win would make everything okay, but Arizona fans, players, and coaches alike, do not want to leave it to chance.

This week is now a must win and it seems that the Wildcats still have plenty of confidence.

"This is a tough place to play and they're Pac-10 champs, so to play them like we did today, I was proud of our team," Arizona coach Russ Pennell said. "Right now, I feel as good about our team as I have all year, even though we lost."

However, confidence does not always lead to wins. Stanford is a game in which the UA should certainly win, but Cal is going to be very difficult.

Both are teams that blew out the UA earlier in the season and considering that Jordan Hill's ankle is hurting a bit more today, any bets are off for what will happen this week.

If Arizona wants to make the tournament, however, there is only one option: sweep.

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